First deliverable of subproject 6G-DATADRIVEN-02

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First deliverable of subproject 6G-DATADRIVEN-02

Se ha generado ya el primer deliverable del Subproyecto 6G-DATADRIVEN-02 (enmarcado en el proyecto global 6G-DATADRIVEN, coordinado por Carlos Jesús Bernardos Cano).

This first deliverable presents the initial system design of the 6G-DATADRIVEN-02 architecture. It defines the main entities and building blocks present in the system architecture to achieve an automated and zero-touch deployment using AI/ML mechanisms in Industry 4.0 scenarios. A set of production plants assisted by a central cloud are considered to perform Industry 4.0 related tasks with the help of AI/ML and an autonomous orchestration loop. The deliverable focuses on the definition of AI processing, data sources, interconnectivity and process automation.

For more information, see attached document: 6G-DATADRIVEN-02-E8