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6G-EDGEDT-01-E5 System architecture v1 This document presents the initial system design of the 6G-EDGEDT-01 architecture. It defines the main entities and building blocks of the system architecture that achieves orchestration of hyper-distributed Edge using emerging concepts of computing, connectivity, and AI in Industry 4.0. The document considers an open edge ecosystem tailored to host decentralized applications operating over the existing IoT-Edge-Cloud computing continuum.
This deliverable starts with defining the existing challenges in the state-of-the-art, that are later on used as main pillars in the conceptual design of an architecture for the hyper-distributed edge.
6G-EDGEDT-03-E5 Initial architecture document with SoTa analysis including related standards With the support of artificial intelligence, the digital transformation through the lens of a Digital Twin has been emerged in many industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, bio-engineering, and automotive. However, concept of Digital Twins remains relatively unexploited for 5G/6G networks, despite the obvious potential in helping develop and deploy the complex 5G environment. These deliverable studies the current State-of-the-Art regarding Network Digital Twins and discusses the open challenges that will enable Digital Twin solution to be applied as tool to fulfil the potential of 5G networks and beyond.
6G-EDGEDT-04-E5 Abstractions for the DT gNB This document presents all available data structures for the construction of the gNB-DT, and explains some examples from the literature to identify the minimum data required for each of them. It defines the main entities which interact with the gNB, and those which participate in the process of extracting the data. In addition, the document includes some deployment options for the gNB-DT, and the different ways of obtaining the information for each case.