6G-SORUS | Publications

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The following papers, which include an official acknowledgement to the integrated 6G-SORUS project, have been accepted for publication:

Title Authors Event / Publisher Date
Performance Trade-offs of Auto Scaling Schemes for NFV with Reliability Requirements J.Perez-Valero, J.Garcia-Reinoso, A.Banchs, P.Serrano, J.Ortin, X.Costa-Perez Computer Communications October 2023
Network Automation and Data Analytics in 3GPP 5G Systems M.A. García-Martín, M. Gramaglia, P. Serrano IEEE Network October 2023
Energy-Aware Adaptive Scaling of Server Farms for NFV with Reliability Requirements J.Perez-Valero, A.Banchs, P.Serrano, J.Ortin, J.Garcia-Reinoso, X.Costa-Perez IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing June 2023
Design and Validation of an Open Source Cloud Native Mobile Network Nikolaos Apostolakis, Marco Gramaglia, Pablo Serrano IEEE Communications Magazine September 2022
EdgeBOL: A Bayesian Learning Approach for the Joint Orchestration of vRANs and Mobile Edge AI J. A. Ayala-Romero, A. Garcia-Saavedra, X. Costa-Perez, G. Iosifidis IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking April 2023
Data-driven Analysis of the Cost-Performance Trade-off of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in a Production Network M. Rossanese, A. Garcia-Saavedra, A. Elena Lutu, X. Costa-Perez ACM CoNEXT November 2023
Mean-Field Multi-Agent Contextual Bandit for Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in vRANs Jose A. Ayala-Romero, L. Lo Schiavo, A. Garcia-Saavedra, X. Costa-Perez IEEE INFOCOM 2024 (to appear)
ATELIER: service tailored and limited-trust network analytics using cooperative learning Mattia Milani, Dario Bega, Marco Gramaglia, Pablo Serrano, Christian Mannweiler IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society January 2024
Can I Add a VR Flow? On the Maximum Capacity of 5G to Support 360º Video Pablo Serrano, Antonio Virdis, Francesco Gringoli, Marco Gramaglia IEEE Communications Magazine (Accepted) 2024 (to appear)
ARES: Autonomous RIS solution with Energy harvesting and Self-configuration towards 6G Francesco Devoti, Antonio Albanese, Vincenzo Sciancalepore, Marco Di renzo, Albert Banchs, Xavier Costa IEEE Transactions on Mobile  Computing 2024 (to appear)