6G-DATADRIVEN/6G-EDGEDT presentation at V5G Days 2023 event

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6G-DATADRIVEN/6G-EDGEDT presentation at V5G Days 2023 event

The V5G Days 2023, Spain's leading event dedicated to 5G technology, returns for the third consecutive year to the city of Valencia, transforming it into the global capital of 5G and artificial intelligence for three days.

La tercera edición del V5G Days “La nueva era de la conectividad” (14-16 noviembre), organizado por el Instituto de Telecomunicaciones y Aplicaciones Multimedia (iTEAM) y la Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), amplía su alcance tras el éxito de las primeras ediciones invitando a la participación activa de asistentes y ponentes internacionales. Este año, el evento adopta un formato híbrido, combinando sesiones presenciales con la opción de participar en línea.

On a national scale, the UNICO 5G R&D program has been introduced, focusing on the development of technologies beyond the 5th generation. This program involves various entities that played a prominent role in the H2020 framework and 5GPPP, leading numerous projects.

Within the context of V5G Days, Milan Groshev (UC3M) delivered two presentations focusing on the progress, current status, and future steps of the 6G-DATADRIVEN and 6G-EDGEDT projects, respectively. These presentations took place just before the conclusion of the sessions on November 15.

The event, bringing together key figures in 6G research, provides a privileged and advanced insight into the future of mobile networks. The opportunity to share details about their most recent projects has laid the foundation for continuous advancement in the field of communication technologies. This exchange of ideas and experiences promises to drive innovation and guide the direction of future research in the realm of 6G.

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